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    Dr Amantha Imber answers the question of: Can you design an innovation culture?

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    Dr Amantha Imber explains why you need to stop taking advice.

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    Below are some of the most popular topics Amantha gets asked to speak on.

    Innovation Survivor: How to outthink, outsmart and outlast your competitors

    It is our ability to generate breakthrough ideas to business challenges and opportunities that is what literally enables us to outthink, outsmart and outlast our competitors. Amantha will take you through the latest scientific findings in relation to what really drives highly inventive and intelligent thinking.


    You will walk away with a set of practical tools that you can use on your own and with your team to outthink the competition.

    The science of how to design your most effective workday

    We are living in a world where productivity books litter the shelves in bookstores, to do list apps frequently top the iTunes charts, and the idea of getting things done (GTD) has practically become a religion. Yet with all these tools and advice, many of us feel like there are not enough hours in the day. What’s more, so many people leave work and wonder “what did I actually achieve today?”


    During this highly interactive and energising presentation, Dr Amantha Imber will share with you an evidence-based approach to completely change the way you work, to enable you to do better work. She will take you through the latest research that will help you transform your work habits to ensure you get high impact, meaningful work achieved every single day.



    • understand how your current behaviour is killing your ability to do impactful work.
    • learn practical strategies to turbo-charge your progress on your most important projects.
    • learn how to change your work habits so they support your ability to do great work rather than hinder it.

    How to create a culture where innovation thrives

    It is universally recognised that innovation is key to growing a business. As such, creating a culture where innovation thrives is critical. However, when surveyed about what they think creates a culture of innovation, over 95% of business leaders get the answers wrong. They are basing their decisions on intuition rather than science.


    Dr Amantha Imber will share with you the 14 key drivers to creating a culture of innovation - according to what has been scientifically proven. In a highly interactive keynote, the audience will get to see how closely their intuition matches with science.


    In addition to the science, Amantha will share stories from some of the world’s most innovative organisations about how they are applying these principles.

    How to disrupt a market

    Many companies talk about wanting to ‘be disruptive’ or ‘disrupt their market’, but few actually have the know-how to do so. This highly interactive session will demystify what it means to be disruptive and most importantly, how to do it.


    Amantha will provide people with a practical set of tools that have helped some of the world’s leading companies disrupt their markets. Not only will people learn new tools, but they will also be given the change to apply these tools to generate new disruptive business ideas for a range of markets.

    The science of how to make better decisions

    We make important decisions at work every day. And the success of your efforts at work is largely dependent on the quality of decisions you make. Despite the importance of decision-making, most people have never been taught what strategies are most effective for making great decisions.


    Dr Amantha Imber will take you through the latest cutting-edge research about what actually contributes to making better decisions. You will leave with a handful of very practical ways to improve your decision-making abilities - instantly.


    And as an added bonus, the tools and tips you will learn in this session will not only be applicable to work, but also to any other big decisions you need to make in your personal life too. Amantha promises that you will leave this keynote presentation a significantly better decision-maker.

  • "Amantha is a peerless facilitator of any creativity, innovation, thinking-related workshop, conference and gathering. Her seemingly light delivery and interaction with the audiences is the tip of an iceberg of the depth of her science knowledge and understanding of human mind at work. I am a shameless fan of Amantha's work."


    Executive Producer - Innofuture

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