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Dr Amantha Imber on deliberately designing your work day

My guest today is…me! I thought I’d turn the tables and share with you how I run my own workday. The delightful and wise Dr Jason Fox joins me on the show to sit in the interviewer chair. We cover all sorts of ground, including:

  • My morning routine

  • My system for to-do lists

  • How I try to minimise morning decisions

  • How I fit both Deep Work and Shallow work in my life

  • My Deep Work “rituals"

  • Why I left Facebook and Instagram

  • My favourite go-to productivity and time management apps

  • How I transition from Deep Work to Shallow Work

  • The work that goes on behind the scenes of creating How I Work

  • How to design a better workday if you don’t feel like you have control over your diary

  • How to persuade your boss to give you more time for Deep Work

And here are some things I referred to on the show:

You can find more about Dr Jason Fox at and I highly recommend checking out his podcast “The Cleverness with Dr Jason Fox”.

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