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  • Hi. I'm Dr Amantha Imber.

    Thanks for popping by.


    I'm a self-confessed science geek. Reading a stack of academic journal papers is my idea of a fun weekend.


    Right now, I'm obsessed with two topics: Innovation (I've been running Inventium, an innovation consultancy, for the last decade) and Productivity (I'm currently engrossed in the research around how to optimise my workday).


    I spend my time doing lots of reading, writing and speaking. You can check out some of my articles and books on this site. And if you like listening to things, you might enjoy my podcast How I Work, where I interview some of the world's leading innovators to unpack how they squeeze so much out of their day.


    If you'd like to chat more, that would be awesome. You can do that here.

  • Hunting for an innovation speaker?

    Dr Amantha Imber flies all over the world to deliver keynotes at conferences and organisations that are looking for an injection of practical innovation tips and tricks. You can see Amantha in action below.


    Dr Amantha Imber answers the question of: Can you design an innovation culture?

  • "Amantha is a person who makes a lasting impression and changes people's lives. She combines her deep expertise with an exceptional gift to teach and inspire and enthuse and build deep personal connections. She teaches the most complex science in a way that makes it seem simple, easy and very do-able.


    She is also one of the most professional people I have ever worked with - reliable, prepared, personable. I love working with her!"


    VP Innovation, AMP

  • Some of Amantha's happy clients...

    "Amantha has developed a unique set of simple tools which all levels in our organisation have been able to absorb and apply quickly and effectively. I have rarely seen a set of creative tools permeate an organisation so quickly due to their clear logic and simplicity."

    Innovation Director, Coca-Cola Amatil

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